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Saving the World on Shoestring Book Cover

Save the World on a Shoestring, for which I served as author Aiden Livingston’s developmental editor, has a cover! It’s a few tweaks away from finished. You can see more of the artist’s pop comic artwork here. I had the pleasure of meeting Garry over the holidays – what a great guy. I’ve been so [...]

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Cushy Camping in the Lower East Side

Many friends have expressed concern (thank you!) about how hard it must have been for us in NY’s Lower East Side without power for a week. It all makes me feel sheepish, because in fact, we were the lucky ones in Sandy’s impact zone, even amongst downtowners. We had cold but fresh water, a working [...]

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What It Feels Like to Self-Publish

On September 15, Runner’s Discovery Journal, my hybrid memoir/interactive inspirational self-discovery journal (yes, I’m reinventing multiple genres here), will be available on Amazon. So when readers can click “buy” on Amazon, will I be a published author? The word has become indistinct, and lost distinction. We need new words (or meanings) for this new landscape, [...]

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Hyperink and Penelope Trunk’s New Book on How to Be Happy

How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during Penelope Trunk’s meeting with the publicity team of the publishing house that was supposed to publish her book, The New American Dream, out now from online publisher Hyperink. The big publisher’s plan for selling her book: “Newsgroups.” Read all about it, along [...]

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RDJ Interior Layout Underway

My designer and I are working on the interior layout of Runner’s Discovery Journal this week – a little sneak peak of one of the chapter heads: I also set up a Facebook page – check it out! Still undecided at what level I’m going to promote it, and whether I’m going to enlist some [...]

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Authors Need Partners

I saw this article linked on the author Virginia Postrel‘s Facebook page: 10 Reasons You Should Skip the Traditional Publishers and Self-Publish E-Books Instead Although there’s truth in it, overall it’s a Pollyanna take, particularly if Pollyanna didn’t know much about how much goes into editing, packaging, and marketing a book. Just as an example: [...]

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