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Panels I Attended at SXSW

It’s my last day here at SXSW! Here’s a quick report on what I saw panel-wise and what I thought. Caveat: I’m so tired that I’m not going to even proofread it. Democratization of Publishing: Survive and Thrive SXSW Program Description: The publishing industry is evolving as authors, indie app and game creators and musicians [...]

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Crossover Book Deals – Indie to Mainstream

This immediately caught my eye in my feed, from the blog of indie sci-fi and mystery novelist Dean Wesley Smith. Like Smith I’ve been suggesting this approach will become more and more common: This morning Publishers Marketplace gave out their information about six figure deals in publishing that were reported to them. Combining nonfiction, children’s, [...]

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What It Feels Like to Self-Publish

On September 15, Runner’s Discovery Journal, my hybrid memoir/interactive inspirational self-discovery journal (yes, I’m reinventing multiple genres here), will be available on Amazon. So when readers can click “buy” on Amazon, will I be a published author? The word has become indistinct, and lost distinction. We need new words (or meanings) for this new landscape, [...]

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