Hyperink and Penelope Trunk’s New Book on How to Be Happy

How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during Penelope Trunk’s meeting with the publicity team of the publishing house that was supposed to publish her book, The New American Dream, out now from online publisher Hyperink.

The big publisher’s plan for selling her book: “Newsgroups.”

Read all about it, along with her take on self-publishing, on her blog today.

Hyperink is using technology assisted by smart editors to massively speed up the blog-to-book writing project. They’ve been on my radar since they published Richard Nikoley’s Free the Animal, and since then I’ve read several tech-focused writeups that make me think that this company is going to break through as the market leader for blog books. I also see now that they are moving beyond “blog-to-book” and publishing Alexis Ohanian’s book Make Something People Love. Neat.

Hyperink seems to be the first online outfit (along with Greenleaf, maybe?) that has a chance of gaining a reputation of having the the professionalism and quality of content of mainstream publishing, along with the innovation and radical efficiency that comes from being created specifically for the new digital landscape.

I need to get and read some of their titles, but it looks like it’s a company that I might like to edit for.

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