Project Spotlight: The CMO’s Social Media Handbook

Hi folks! My client Peter Friedman’s The CMO’s Social Media Handbook went on sale last fall. Peter is the founder and CEO of LiveWorld, a social content marketing company that works with global brands. His book is a crash course for executives facing the huge-but-not-insurmountable challenges of taking global companies social.Hi-Res Cover CMO SM Handbook Peter is unique in that he’s been doing social since before most people knew it existed. He was the vice president of Apple’s Internet Services Division in the early ’90s, and as he writes in the book:

Our team grew Apple’s worldwide online community (or social network in today’s terms) to 50,000 dealers, user group leaders, institutional customers, and employees; helped give birth to┬áSalon, and created Apple’s eWorld, a clean, well-lit online community space whose strong user culture was stewarded by a team of moderators.

I served as Peter’s developmental editor, project manager, and art director. The full team included a designer, an illustrator, a copy editor, and a proofer. And of course, Peter himself.

Andrew Hahn at Circa42 was responsible for the book’s friendly yet authoritative cover and interior design. Jonathan Brown created a striking visual anchor for each chapter: New Yorker-style cartoons illustrating Peter’s witty take on the challenges of leading social marketing. For example:

LiveWorld 2014

Copyright LiveWorld 2014

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