RDJ Interior Layout Underway

My designer and I are working on the interior layout of Runner’s Discovery Journal this week – a little sneak peak of one of the chapter heads:

I also set up a Facebook page – check it out! Still undecided at what level I’m going to promote it, and whether I’m going to enlist some partners.

Meanwhile, I’m re-editing some rough sections and deciding how I want to handle the ebook release. I was planning to start by putting it on Ibook for tablet people, but this post had me wondering if I should do Kindle and epub. I just don’t feel like this is one I want people to read on a standard reader. It’s a page-a-day companion, and that doesn’t feel like the right delivery. I consider physical book the “perfect” version for the material, even though it seems like an antiquated approach. I do believe there’s still a place for physical books – Seth Godin, anyway, might agree:

The goal isn’t always to spread an idea. Sometimes the goal is to make change happen. A book is a physical souvenir, a concrete instantiation of your ideas in a physical object, something that gives your ideas substance and allows them to travel.

Out of context, a 140 character tweet cannot change someone’s life. A blog post might (I can think of a few that changed the way I think about business and even life). A movie can, but most big movies are inane entertainments designed to make a lot of money, not change people. But books? … Books change lives every day.

He had something more grand in mind when he wrote that than my running journal, but still, it gets to why I feel like the journal of a guided, hopefully transformative experience should be something solid.

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