Past Projects


Runner’s Discovery Journal – 60 Days to Get Fit and Fired Up to Do Anything: The first Grace Memoirs title launched September 15, 2013. Runner’s Discovery Journal is a 60-days runner’s log that’s meant to help new or casual exercisers become Runners, mentally and physically. Developed from my 2010 blog project The Thousand Mile Year, the journal is also designed as a self-exploration and creativity-enhancement tool. Discipline, process, and hard work – all required and strengthened by running – are the exact same traits that boost and sustain creative pursuits.




The Social Capitalist:
I created and hosted the Social Capitalist, a monthly podcast interview series to help success-minded individuals master the social side of business with the best and brightest thought leaders in industry and academia. The series is sponsored by Ferrazzi Greenlight, the leading provider of research-based relationship skills and strategy development for individuals and corporate leaders, founded by Keith Ferrazzi, author of the business classic Never Eat Alone. Past guests include LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman, the legendary Silicon Valley investor Heidi Roizen, and Fast Company Co-Founder William C. Taylor.

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